I’m in Tasmania!

Hey everyone! This has to be a very quick post with no pictures (sorry) because they are charging me an arm and a leg for internet here, and there is no way for me to upload my pictures. That is incredibly annoying because I took some beautiful pictures of the area of Tasmania where I’m staying. It’s a nice little city surrounded by gorgeous mountains. It’s not an ugly city like Sydney or a weird empty one like Melbourne. The only downside? It’s COLD here! Ok so it’s nothing compared to the temperature many of you in America are dealing with, but it’s currently in the low 60’s (farenheit), and it’s windy! So, I’m chilly. I might have to buy a sweatshirt just for Tasmania, but if I do that it will be pretty useless during the rest of my trip, and I don’t really have much room to spare for a sweatshirt.

I knew I would like Tasmania right away when I saw the beautiful scenery on the bus ride up. Wow, the whole state is breathtaking. I saw a sign on the road that made me smile. “Quiet! The trees are growing!” A few minutes later I saw a rainbow arcing all the way across a mountain. Beautiful.

I haven’t yet done much since I got here. The ferry ride was long and I couldn’t get much sleep during it, and then the bus ride was close to 4 hours and I didn’t get much sleep on that either. So I’m just beat. I’m going to bed early tonight.

Yikes, I really want to keep talking about other things that I’ve been meaning to talk about, but I can’t because it’s a race against the clock which is slowly ticking down to zero (minutes left) so I’ll just end with this interesting fact.

Did you know that in Australia, when people get their licenses, they automatically start out with 12 points on their license? And when they do illegal things like get caught speeding, the points are taken away. When they get down to zero points, they lose their license! As all you driving Americans know, in the US you gain points for doing illegal things and when you get up to a certain number of points (I don’t know what the number is cause I never do illegal things) you lose your license. I was just told this tidbit when Karen and Cliff drove me to catch my ferry ride across the sea to Tasmania. And now you all know! It’s fun to learn, isn’t it?