These are just a few of my favorite videos – if you like these, you can see more by going to my YouTube channel.

Camping on Shell Island

This video was taken over a 3 or 4 hour period with a GoPro using the time-lapse feature (second time using that feature, new camera to do it. I tried to have it go longer but apparently GoPro doesn’t GoLong with its battery! The sunset at the end was done with my iPhone time-lapse camera.

But What Do Electric Sheep Dream Of?

This was done for fun. A friend gave me the sheep candles, and I thought it would be fun do do a time-lapse of them melting. I later edited using both iMovie and Premiere Pro, and the rest is history!

The Sunken Gardens

I put together this video in 2014 when I purchased a new digital camcorder. I was excited to test out it’s capabilities, and what better place to test it out than at the beautiful Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg?

The Sunken Gardens in 4K

For this video, I was asked by my employer to create a video that could be played on our 4K television in the reception area. The Sunken Gardens was once again the perfect choice to showcase the capabilities of the camcorder.

Nimbin gets clean

This video of my cockatiel is with an older (waterproof) digital camera. No one believed me that my cockatiel went crazy for showers, so I had to get proof.