The Great Ocean Road

  • The Great Ocean Road (And Grampians) The first stop on the tour on the unofficial beginning of the Great Ocean Road was Bells Beach. We really only stopped here to check if there were any surfers doing their thing. Bells Beach is a famous surfing beach in Victoria that hosts the ‘Rip Curl Pro’ event
  • The Great Ocean Road (And Grampians) Part Deux We went exploring for a while around the national park. We climbed over some rocks that were covered in barnacles to get into a really cool sea cave and then we headed off to see the Twelve Apostles again.
  • The Great Ocean Road (And Grampians) Part Trois Now, silly me, I figured I would be fine to do this hike in my Birks. Tash told us that we couldn’t wear flip flops, but I asked if the Birks would be ok because unlike flip flops, they have backs and because the only other shoes I had were the yoga slide death shoes.