Bill Bryson

While I was in Melbourne I witnessed some guy in a car make a REALLY weird right turn. He was all the way in the left lane and made the turn from that lane. I initially thought that either he was drunk or he had gotten stuck in the wrong lane or something, but then I read this passage from the best author in the world, Bill Bryson, in “In A Sunburned Country”. I had read this book before, but I’ve been reading it again on my journey. When I am in a particular city he writes about, I’ll re-read what he says about that city. He explains the reason for these strange turns much better than I could so I will put a passage below:

“Melbourne may not have a Harbour Bridge or an Opera House like Sydney’s but it has something in its way no less singular. It has the world’s most bizarre right turns. If you are driving in central Melbourne and you wish to go right (and bear in mind that you are driving on the left), you don’t get in the middle lane, but rather pull over to the left-hand curb- as far away as possible from where you want to be- and sit there for an indeterminite period (in my case until all the clubs and restaurants have shut and everyone has gone home for the night) and make your turn from there. It’s all to do with keeping out of the way of the trams- Melbourne’s other specialty- which go down the middle of the road and can’t have turning cars blocking their way. It’s immensely confusing, not only to visitors from overseas but to other Australians- even, I suspect, to many Melbourne people.” – Bill Bryson

Now everyone go out and buy that book and read it. It’s really fantastic!

Well, I am going on a boat to Tasmania tonight, so I may not have a new update for you tomorrow, but I miss all of you! I don’t miss the snow that New Jersey is getting though.