One thing I’ve always taken for granted…

Internet. Never again will I take it for granted. Here in Tasmania it is unbelievably expensive. As of right now I am paying a dollar for 9 minutes of internet usage. And there is no way for me to upload pictures! So unfortunately what that means is that I will not be telling you what I have been doing in Tasmania until I am at a place where I can post the pictures. Sorry!
But honestly, the pictures would make the post SO much better. I guess I can tell you a little bit though.

Tasmania is still beautiful. I have been traveling to so many different areas of the state in this tour, and everywhere we go there is something beautiful to look at. Mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, even the picturesque towns… it’s fantastic.

The weather for these last couple of days has been much better by the way. Not too hot, not too cold, it’s been in the 70’s (farenheit) and it is perfect.

Oh, and the tour I have been on has been so worth it. We’ve seen so much, and I’ve taken so many pictures! You readers will have an eyeful when they are all uploaded, it is worth the wait! You’ll also have a lot to read as I’ll have to talk about five days worth of Tasmania. I’m going to write down notes so hopefully I don’t forget anything, but boy do I wish I could upload the pictures now!

I guess I will explain the whole snake bit (from the comments). It’s actually very funny. Karen, Cliff, Alissa and I were sitting in the grass under a tree. Suddenly I felt something bite me on my back and it I screamed bloody murder. As it turns out, Alissa was playing with a rubber snake. She was stretching it and accidentally let go so it snapped on my back. So far that is the closest I have come to seeing a wild snake in Australia. But I did hear that two people saw two different snakes on our hike yesterday! Not me though. Sigh. Next time.

Now for your trivia for the day… Tasmania only has three varieties of snakes, and ALL of them are poisonous.

Well, now I must be off since I am running out of time and I still have to do a bit of internet research, but I would like to welcome Elana to our little group of people who follow my blog! She seems to have taken the place of Cheryl who doesn’t seem to find the time to comment on my posts anymore! Cheryl, what’s up? I need to feel the love of all my sisters. Stacy has an excuse, Vegas and Sickness, but what is yours? And don’t say bunnies!

Bye for now!