Just killing time…

Well, it’s raining here, so there isn’t much really to do. I walked down to the work and travel office (I definitely think it was a great idea for me to do this program through them as opposed to by myself. I have a lot of advantages like free internet, and all kinds of great discounts.

I’m uploading my zoo pics to Flickr now, so I can give you all a link to check out all my pics so far.

Thanks, Nic, for keeping me updated on all the celebrity gossip! They were actually talking about the Heath drug tape here yesterday, that is big news here because he is Australian.

And I do know where Broadway is, Cheryl. I actually was over there once when I was a little lost.  I sat on a bench to check out my map, and some guy came up to me and gave me a piece of paper that said that they were looking for females for a job massaging clients. Hah! And that was also where the one homeless guy came up to me and asked for money, then told me to watch out for people in the city because “there are a lot of assholes”. That is my experience with Broadway!

Hmm, I just looked at the weather and it looks like we have showers or thunderstorms for the rest of the week. I wonder how that is going to effect surf camp?

Anyhow, I’ll post the link to my pictures from the zoo and the aquarium/opera house next time. I still need to organize them into folders so there is some semblance of order.