Well, back to the internet at least. Sorry I didn’t have one last blog before I left like I planned to, but wouldn’t you know it, the internet in the hostel was out for like 18 hours and then I had to go to surf camp, where there was no internet.

I just want to get one thing straight though, since my last blog ended on a sour note. True, I really don’t like big cities (i.e. Sydney) and true, I almost died, but that doesn’t mean I’m a quitter and I’d want to pack up and go home! It just means I want to get myself to another spot! I’m surprised at anyone who thought I wanted to give up. For shame, you should know me better than that. AND I expect many, many more things to try to kill me in Australia before I leave!

Surf camp was definitely a welcome change of scenery. So much quieter, so so much nicer than Sydney. The only problem was that it rained every day.  I’m going to fill you in on surf camp tomorrow morning or later today (my time) because I really don’t have time to go into it all right now. I’m now in Byron Bay and while it is KIND of a city, it is AWESOME. More like Princeton city instead of New York City. I absolutely love it so far (only been here a couple of hours though) and I think that I might even come back here before the Australian trip is up.

And I do have pics of me surfing that I will upload when I can, hopefully I will do that tomorrow when I tell you all about my time since I last spoke (i.e. blogged).

This was pretty much to let everyone know I am still alive and well, I’m a little sunburnt, but I’m still kicking!

Talk to you all soon!

Oh, and Karen, it is so funny that you signed it Kaz because that was what the instructor at surf camp kept calling me, she said it was a common nick name for Karen. Now I know it’s true! I like that nick name, I think everyone should call me Kaz from now on. It’s so hip!


P.S. – Stacy and Lisa, Oz is short for Australia.