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G’day readers!

To everyone who doesn’t know this yet, today I decided to cut my Australian vacation a little short. I will be leaving 10 days earlier than originally planned, for a few of reasons:

  1. I am not really doing anything. I’m currently in Byron Bay, which is pretty expensive. So I’m mostly just spending money on food and entertainment and accommodation – I have no more trips planned. I’d rather save a little bit of money for when I am back in the states.
  2. I am missing everyone greatly
  3. I’m a bit bored here. I don’t really have anyone to hang out with, everyone at this hostel seems to have their own little cliques and groups, and they all seem to be only concerned with getting drunk all the time. I really don’t feel like spending all that money to go out every night. It’s kind of like a college atmosphere here – I’m sure I’d have a blast five to ten years ago! I’m an old lady sometimes, I admit that.
  4. I am tired of traveling, and I just feel like being home among those who love me.

I think adding to these reasons would be that I have had such bad luck in the last week. I lost my watch, my camera broke, and I also lost my pretty flower hair band that I had just bought!

Then I have that problem with the bed bugs at my last hostel. I was really hoping I would be able to leave Australia without ever having to experience bed bugs, but no. The reception lady did say “I don’t think it is bed bugs” but as of now I am pretty sure they were. I noticed a line of red bites on my shin that definitely looked like them. To be safe regardless of whether they were or were not, when I got to the hostel I am at now in Byron Bay, I washed all of my things, including my backpack and my suitcase. Which brings me to the next bad thing that happened.

Someone stole my backpack! It was empty, as I had left it in the laundry room to dry overnight, and when I went back to get it the next morning, it was gone. Maybe I shouldn’t have left it there overnight, but I didn’t want to bring it into the room when it was wet. Up until now I had never had an issue with things getting stolen from me in Australia. Maybe I have been too trusting. Why on earth would someone steal a backpack though? Oh wait, I’m in a hostel full of backpackers.

Anyhow, I am going to go now,  but I’ll be back in the States on Wednesday!


  1. Someone stole your empty backpack??? Sheesh…

  2. I would go and knock on everyones door at the hostel introducing yourself and just casually glace around to see if you can find your backback!
    Man that stinks. :(

  3. I agree with Cheryl! I think that’s a BRILLIANT idea!

  4. Man, if you’re old…what does that make me? Methuselah?

    I can’t believe someone stole your backpack. I’m so sorry. But hey…you will be seeing me in June so that makes everything a little better, right?

  5. No one said anything about how I lost my flower hair band!!! THAT HURT TOO!!! Anyhow, I updated the Australia Zoo, look below!

  6. are you SURE you didnt steal a piece of that rock?? or maybe one “slipped” into your shoe or something?? you should check ya know ;-)

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