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Wrapping up Switzerland

And now I think it is a good time for my final take on Switzerland, and a few tidbits that I didn’t tell you about in my previous posts.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time there. It was cold, but I had the proper clothing and a warm coat (thanks Samantha!) so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

As far as the language barrier goes, it was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. I didn’t really have a problem with the people I was working with, they all knew pretty good English, but it wasn’t uncommon for me to come across someone who didn’t speak terrific English.

One example – the doctor that treated my foot. He really struggled to tell me things, and I struggled to understand him. Eventually the point got across, but I wonder if I may have missed something he told me because I didn’t understand completely.

Another language barrier story – on the day that I went out for the second dinner with the team (the schnitzel dinner) I got up to go to the restroom. I saw a sign for WC which I learned on my trip to Australia means bathrooms. Well, I found my way to the general area… but I couldn’t figure out what was the correct door. There was no picture of a girl stick figure in a dress or a guy stick figure in pants. While I pondered, a couple of girls came up behind me obviously on the same mission. I started talking to them (probably too fast) asking them if they knew which door was for the ladies bathroom because I was completely and utterly lost! They both looked at me, then at each other, then at me. They obviously had NO idea what I was saying and probably thought I was completely crazy. Luckily, the waitress came up and after I explained my problem to her, she pointed me towards the correct door. When the time came to wash my hands, I did not see any knobs on the sink, so I just stuck my hands under the faucet expecting water to come rushing out. Nothing happened. I heard someone clearing their throat behind me and when I looked, I saw one of the girls who I had confused earlier. She pointed to the floor where there was a red button, and indicated for me to step on it. When I did, water rushed out of the sink. Interesting!

There was also the time I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. The setup of the checkout lane was a little bit different, when it was my turn to check out I was a bit confused as to where to put my groceries. The cashier offered no help. She didn’t even make it obvious if she was open or not. She just stood there, looking at me. I walked up and put my groceries where I thought they should go… WRONG! She chastised me in German and pointed to where they should go, rolling her eyes like I should have known that.

But I did see at that grocery store what the Swiss consider “American Favorites”! Sugar, sugar, and more sugar!

American Favorites in Switzerland     American Favorites in Switzerland

And now the final problem I saw with the language barrier… you can’t eavesdrop on interesting conversations! While I was on the train there was a couple of girls having an extremely interesting sounding conversation. They were extremely animated and seemed very excited or upset about SOMETHING. But I will never know what that something is. I had to just amuse myself with looking out the window at the beautiful countryside.

Now onto the subject of electricity. Now we all know that outlets are different in most different countries. But these ones were just WEIRD. All those holes! And a Swiss plug only has two prongs! I was quite confused the first time I tried to plug something in. Which two holes go together?

Swiss Outlet

Oh, and look at this craziness. Would you want to get money out of an ATM that is in the back of a van? Especially in a deserted street, at night, by yourself?



I decided against it.

Hmmm, what else. Oh! So, at my hotel, there were a few other people I would sometimes meet while eating breakfast in the morning. Two of the guys who were staying in the hotel were Asian. At one point, one of the women who worked at the hotel was talking to us, and started saying things about Japan, obviously assuming two guys were from Japan. They looked at her and said “Actually, we are from China, not Japan.” and she laughed and said “Oh I guess it was because of these they look the same!” as she pulled out the corners of her eyes. I was pretty shocked! Something like that would NEVER fly in America! I didn’t really notice the guys reaction, but they didn’t seem to be too upset about it.

Oh, and did I mention in my Lucern post about the homeless guy that barked at me? Yeah, that was interesting. I was walking by a stoop and he saw me pass and just started barking like a dog. Maybe that is the Swiss version of catcalling? ;-)

And there, dear friends, is my Swiss trip! The 11-hour flight home was dreadful… I was randomly selected again for a patdown at security (I was selected coming in too oddly enough… I guess I look like trouble?) and I was assigned a middle seat. The person in front of me kept their seat pushed all the way back and being that I am so tall, it really hindered any leg movement. But I made it home safe and sound and I really feel like I took a lot away from this trip. Switzerland was crazy expensive but I’d love to come back and maybe try going to one of the bordering countries like Germany next time. Hopefully I will manage to not hurt myself on my next international trip, but it does seem to be my thing!

I just went back to the job today, and I have piles of work to catch up on this week. Busy. Just the way I like it!


Luzern, Switzerland

On Saturday I took the train into Luzern. I had been told by numerous people how beautiful it was, and I decided that I wouldn’t let my foot keep me from enjoying my last few days here and seeing the sights. Plus, my foot was already starting to feel better anyway! This post will be mostly pictures and not as many words because I took so many pictures that I really want to share.

Luzern was about an hour away by train. I was kept extremely entertained by the beautiful scenery through the window the whole time (well, when we weren’t going under a tunnel at least!)

View from Train

The trains became a bit crowded being that it was a Saturday, so someone did come and sit down across from me. He said something to me, and I just assumed he said “Can I sit here?” so I smiled and nodded. I tend to do a lot of smiling and nodding in Switzerland. And laughing. You become very good at telling when the appropriate response is a laugh or a smile or a nod. It might just be easier for me to say “I’m sorry, I don’t speak German” but I stopped saying that unless I absolutely had to. (I.e. someone was asking me a question that would not be answered by a smile, a nod, or a laugh).

I have an interesting story about the guy who sat across from me. He talked to himself under his breath the whole ride. Or, not quite so under his breath that I couldn’t hear what he was saying. It was constant! And it was in German so I have no idea if he was being rude or just crazy.

I took a few more pictures from the train window, but you can see the reflection in all of them and the window is slightly tinted so I don’t want  to waste valuable picture space. Ok, one more. Ever wanted to know what Swiss graffiti looked like? Wonder no more!

Swiss Graffiti

When I first arrived at Luzern, the indoor train station looked pretty much like all the other train stations I had been to, though it was a lot easier to find my way out of this one than the one in Zurich. I actually half expected the city to look a lot like Zurich when I stepped out of the station, but I was quite wrong!

Cool Buildings in Luzern

Luzern was beautiful, just as I was promised. The buildings were so historic and attractive, I couldn’t stop taking pictures because I thought each one looked more interesting than the last!

Luzern Building

Luzern Buildings

The shopping district was built with cobblestone roads and had people walking in the streets, though I did see cars sometimes attempting to come down these roads with people slowly making way for them.

Luzern Streets

One thing I noticed about Switzerland that would drive me crazy is that the roads are SUPER narrow, and many of them don’t have the lines drawn on them to tell you that it is a two way road! Roads that look like one-way are actually two-way. Good thing most cars in Switzerland are miniature! You’d have to look a while to find an SUV here like we have in America.

This guy cracked me up for some reason. I can’t believe I didn’t think to get a selfie with him! I do need a new profile picture. Oh well.

Luzern Souvenir Shop

I also found a few very interesting fountains in the streets. The first one is kind of like a totem pole… I do have a picture of it without the sun glare, but I think this one makes it look more interesting. And the second one… I’m not even sure what they were going for there. A guy smoking a pipe with a dragon sitting on it? or is the dragon the pipe? Help me out here.

Water Fountain in Luzern

Luzern Dragon Fountain

And now for the interesting part of Luzern! The water (and mountain) views!

Seeing the mountains over the lake was enough to take my breath away. The pictures don’t do the actual view justice. (Mostly because my camera is terrible)

Mountain Luzern

And seeing the beautifully built buildings from across the water was almost as stunning!

Luzern buildings across water


I love the Swiss flag!

Flags on the Water Luzern

It was a beautiful Saturday this day – warm (for Switzerland in March) and so many people were out enjoying it.

Luzern water view

People sat by the lake but no one swam in it – I assume it would still be way too cold. There were roller bladers, skateboarders, bicyclists and children riding those scooter things everywhere! (Those scooter things seem to be very popular here with children. So many of them have it. It was quite often when I had to jump out of the way to allow for a pack of rolling children to get through.)  It was so warm that day, that even I got a bit hot walking around in my winter coat that day. Me! Karen, queen of cold! But I digress. Let me get back to the pictures.

Boats were all over the lake, though the only ones that seemed to be in use that day were the larger ones for paid cruises.

Lots of Boats in Luzern


More Boats in Luzern

Here is one of the Dinner Cruise boats:

Swiss Boat in Luzern


And I don’t want to forget about the Blue Dragon!

Water Dragon Luzern

For the majority of the day I just walked all around Luzern. I did not count on how expensive Switzerland was going to be during my trip, so I had to keep my spending these last few days to a minimum. I’m very happy with the walking though, and I think I got some great pictures to share with you all. Here are a few more!

Pretty Buildings on Water in Luzern

Buildings and Water in Luzern

Mountains and water in Luzern

I happened to come on a day that there was a market running (it could be a normal Saturday thing for Luzern).

Saturday Market in Luzern

I was soooo tempted to buy some cheese. It smelled and looked so delicious, but I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t be allowed to bring cheese back into the country. Dang international traveling laws.

Saturday Market in Luzern 2

One thing I’ve noticed while in Switzerland… there are a LOT of one type of tree. It looks so interesting when bare, all knobby and gnarled.

Cool Tree Luzern

And it creates the BEST shadows!

Kein Mensch Ist Illegal

They have them lining a lot of walking paths. They must be very beautiful when in bloom. Does anyone know what kind of trees these are?

Cool Tree Pathway Luzern

There was one section of town where you could walk across a long, enclosed wooden bridge that went over the lake. The ceiling of the bridge formed a triangle, and for each section there was a different drawing with words talking about Luzern. I just now realized that they were all numbered, I wonder if it is telling the story of Luzern?  I tried putting some of it into Google Translate but I did not have a very easy time of figuring out some of those letters!

Writing on the Bridge Luzern

Along my walk I found Montana. You know, it’s funny. I always had heard of Montana but I never realized it was all the way in Switzerland!

Montana in Luzern


I also saw this huge banner hanging on top of a building. I’m not sure what it was supposed to represent. A woman shooting the sun? I thought it was so strange that I had to take a picture of it. I noticed a couple of people looked at me strangely when I stopped to take the picture though. They looked at me, then the banner, then back at me again. I’m always causing mass confusion in Switzerland.

Woman Shooting the Sun Luzern

What do you think it means? There were no words. Is it a protest movement? An advertisement for something that everyone in Switzerland would know?

Anyway. I can’t get over how beautiful this city is. I’m so glad I decided to forget about the foot injury and come anyway.

Pretty Building in Luzern

This one made me think of a barn that was under water!

Luzern House In the Water

And now I’ll end my post with my favorite two pictures that I took that day. I spent about five hours walking around Luzern this afternoon and I loved every minute.

Water and Mountains Luzern

I’m not sure why I love this picture so much, maybe the colors and the focus on the tree branches in front, with the mountain looming in the background. And now my absolute favorite pic that I took this day! It was so much my favorite that you also probably saw it on the top of my post.

Swan on the lake Luzern
I won’t lie, I took a few (hundred) different swan pictures before I had one that came out just right. But this one worked out perfectly! Swans are EVERYWHERE in Switzerland. And I remember them being pretty plentiful when I went to England in ’98. Though I do remember the England swans being a lot nastier.

Good bye! I’ll be coming home tomorrow (11 hour plane ride) but I plan on having one more blog after I return to wrap things up. Hope you all liked the pictures!




Another Day in Switzerland

I don’t have a lot of new things to report, but I do have a few old things that I have not yet reported – so I can at least update once more before the weekend!

First, the bad news. The morning after my fall, I went back to the in-house nurse and had her check out my foot again. She decided that it looked bad enough that they should take me to the doctor to get it xrayed. The doctor we went to was five minutes away and was like a one-stop-shop, it was fantastic! I got in, got xrayed and got my results in under an hour!

Swiss Xray

The bad news was that I had torn a ligament and it was recommended that I wear a boot (provided to me right then and there) for 4-6 weeks, and to stay off it as much as possible to let it heal. This definitely puts a damper on my weekend traveling plans. The doctor didn’t speak English very well so it was a bit difficult to get what he was saying at first. He actually said I had a “broken ligament” which I assume is just the Swiss way of saying torn ligament?

Besides the boot, he gave me ibuprofen, an ice pack, and this interesting anti-inflammatory gel that I looked up on the web and it is apparently not available in the US. It seems to be quite popular for topical pain relief here though, everyone has asked me if I was given the gel or if I needed some.

Fastum Gel

Anyway, do you want to see how terrible my foot looks? If so, click the below link. I won’t put it directly on the post just in case one of my three readers are squeamish. It should open up in a new tab so you can come right back and continue reading!

My Poor Foot

So, I’ve been wearing the little boot and hobbling along without too much trouble. By the end of the day the foot hurts a lot more than it did in the beginning, but I guess that is pretty normal. My other leg has started hurting as well because I am depending on it a lot more now.

But on to more interesting topics! I wanted to show you what myself and the two other girls staying at my hotel have found hilarious on our walk to work. One of the houses we walk by has this outside on their balcony:

Strange Fake Man

It’s on the second floor so it took us a few looks to realize that it wasn’t really a guy standing on the balcony staring at us. This picture was taken yesterday, but this morning he was doing laundry (there were blankets drying on the railing on both sides of him).

Last night was our official team dinner. One of the girls who live in Switzerland was nice enough to offer me a ride to the restaurant so I wouldn’t have to walk to the train station and back. We went to “Restaurant Brunnentor” which is famous for their schnitzel. It was delicious!

Restaurant Brunnentor Schnitzel

If you don’t know what schnitzel is (I didn’t!) it is a popular dish that consists of meat pounded very very thin, then breaded and fried. Mine was pork. It looks like a lot of food, but it is pounded so thin that it really isn’t as much as it seems. I cleaned my plate and had some apple strudel afterwards. The apple strudel was DIVINE.

Let’s see… since I’m on the subject of food, I’ll tell you a funny little story about my second morning at breakfast in the hotel. I was sitting down and enjoying my croissant and orange juice when one of the owners of the hotel came and put this little bucket next to me and smiled then walked away.

Caotina bucket

I had no idea what it was supposed to be used for. Was it meant for tips? Do you give tips for continental breakfast in Switzerland? I looked around and saw a similar bucket on all the other tables. I decided I would watch for what the other people did with their bucket before I did anything crazy like wear it as a hat. One couple was just finishing their breakfast and stood up to leave. I could see from shadows that something was in the bucket, but BLAST I couldn’t see what it was! I stretched my neck as far as it would go but it was no use. It would have looked strange for me to get up and walk over there to sneak a peek because their table was nowhere near where the food was.

I did finally find out what it was for when the owner came in to clean up that table. She took way too long to deal with that bucket, but she finally looked into it and dumped the contents on a plate. It was trash. The bucket was for trash. Silly American thinking she should put money in the trash bin.

Well, I don’t really have much else to say. I’m feeling a bit sad because a few of the others went into Zurich today to hike up a small mountain/large hill to get a beautiful view of the city from above. Even if I wanted to risk my foot hurting, the sneakers I brought still don’t fit over my swollen foot so I can only wear my dress work shoes (not hiking material). This could be my only chance to visit Switzerland and I’m not able to experience it to the fullest because of rotten luck!

Instead, I decided to experience my first piece of Swiss chocolate while icing my injury. This would be my adventure for today!

Yesterday, we were each given a piece of popular Swiss chocolate by one of the trainers. She said it was a lucky chocolate (too bad I didn’t have it before the accident!) Isn’t it adorable?

Swiss Chocolate

Almost too cute to eat! Almost, but not quite. And now the adventure begins! I unwrap it:

Unwrapped swiss chocolate

It looks delicious! And now for the first taste:

Bitten Swiss chocolate

IT ABSOLUTELY IS DELICIOUS! I ate the rest and that brings my Swiss chocolate adventure to an end. Wow, my heart is racing! Who needs to go hiking up the mountains of Switzerland when I have this!

But really, it was quite good. The best chocolate I have tasted in some time. Or possibly even ever!

That now brings today’s post to an end. I hope you enjoyed it! I’m really going to try to get out and do some interesting things over the weekend. I’ll rest my foot the next couple of days and hope for the best. I think it will all work out somehow.

The First Thing That Tried to Kill me in Switzerland

Deadly Staircase

OK, so I may be being a TAD melodramatic here. But if things had gone just a little bit differently, I could have broken a neck! Plus, I really just wanted to make another shout-out to the Australian Croissant Incident.

Let me start from the beginning. This morning I woke up cheery and bright-eyed for another fascinating day of training. Little did I know that the universe had other plans for me. As I was walking down the treacherous spiral staircase (in the dark, mind you – it seems they don’t turn the light on in that hallway in the morning), I misjudged the width of a thin part of a step, and fell the rest of the way down the stairs. Luckily, my right foot took the brunt of the punishment. As of now it is swollen and bruised and quite painful to walk on. This does not bode well for my plans of doing a lot of walking around Switzerland during the weekend, but being that it is only Tuesday, I have high hopes that it will be all healed up by then.

I hobbled to the office for the training. When the local employees saw my limp they immediately sent me to the on-staff nurse who wrapped and iced up the ankle as best as she could. She told me if it doesn’t look any better tomorrow, she’d take me to the doctor to get it x-rayed.  I’ll be able to experience that universal healthcare I have heard so much about! So that’s a plus, right?

But anyway, that was just my bad luck today. Yesterday was much better! I had a great time meeting all the people at my office who I previously only knew through emails. I really felt like I learned a lot too. After the training, we all went out to dinner and had some AMAZING Italian. The Swiss really know how to do Italian right!

I’ll have more to write on Thursday (we’re going out to dinner again tomorrow to an authentic Swiss restaurant) but for now I’m just going to take it easy and keep my foot up. Please wish me luck that everything is better when I wake up in the morning! My foot is currently swollen to two or three times it’s normal size, but that just means it’s healing, right?

The funny thing is, when I saw how many spiral staircases they had in my hotel during check-in, I immediately thought that I would probably be the one person who would fall down them. But really, I have fallen down perfectly normal carpeted steps too so it could just be that I’m clumsy.


Switzerland – The First Weekend

Switzerland! It’s cold, but beautiful.

My first weekend consisted mostly of sleeping off jet-lag and doing a bit of sightseeing, but it is still worth posting about.

My flight left Tampa at 8:20pm. I was lucky enough to get one of the rows that have AMPLE leg room because there were no seats in front of me (and they didn’t even ask me if I was willing to take the responsibility to help if the plane had an emergency and we had to vacate – in my experience before the people in that row are always asked that.)

It was approximately a 9 hour flight, and they kept giving us food throughout. Little bags of chips, cookies, dinner and breakfast. Most people on the flight seemed to be Swiss, they all spoke German and they spoke German on the loudspeaker.

Dinner that night consisted of a pasta and cheese dish that had apples in it (Pasta, cheese, and apples actually taste pretty darn good together) as well as a dish of fruit and cold cuts and some kind of peppers that I didn’t eat. Dessert was a custard/pudding dish with crushed nuts on top. Delicious.

Airport Dinner

I tried to get some sleep on the flight, but it wasn’t very easy. I did finally fall asleep and must have kicked my feet across the aisle because I woke up to the flight attendant picking up my legs and placing them where they belong. They were trying to serve breakfast but I guess they couldn’t get the cart past my big feet. At least that made it so I didn’t miss breakfast!

When we arrived at Switzerland (on the next day, I left Tampa on Friday night and arrived in Switzerland Saturday afternoon) and exited the plane, one of the first stands I saw:

Swiss Chocolate Airport


Swiss Chocolate Airport

I didn’t buy anything yet. I just got here after all, and everything is more expensive at airports. They did have some very interesting things though. I love how you can tell where you are just by looking around in airport shops. Everything was so different than what you’d see in an American airport!

Airport Shop Switzerland

Airport shop Switzerland

Look at how adorable the baby lederhosen are!

Kiddie clothes Switzerland Airport

I found a taxi and managed to get to my hotel in Greifensee (by pointing to the address of a printed out confirmation page – my taxi driver did not speak English).

The hotel I am staying at is a restaurant/bed and breakfast. There are only 8 rooms. It was quite cozy and had a friendly atmosphere. I felt a bit confused about where to check in when I got there, and even whether I was in the correct place, because walking in it looked like it was just a restaurant. However when I went up to someone in the restaurant and showed them my reservation paper they assured me I was in the right place. They spoke little English, but was able to get me my key and show me to my room. When they first got my key I actually thought it was a little bell that I’d be able to ring whenever I wanted service. “Fancy!” I thought. “I will have to be sure not to abuse it!” But it wasn’t a bell, just a large key ring. But tell me this doesn’t look like a bell!

Key Bell

I was shown to my room (they had a guy help me with my bags (I was worried about whether or not it was customary to tip because I had taken some money out at the airport but they were 50 notes and I had no change) but he left before I would have been able to give him anything.

The room is small, but adorable and cozy. The heat consisted of little ceramic radiator heaters, one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom, but it still seemed warm enough. I probably would have turned it up higher if I could have, but I can manage being a TINY bit cold in exchange for being in Switzerland.

Hotel Room

Hotel Mirror

Hotel Bathroom

And here is the view from my window. You can see water in the back!

View from Hotel 1

I had plans to go look around town this day to take in the sights, but I was so exhausted from having so little sleep that after I unpacked everything I decided to take a nap. When I woke up, it was around 11pm (Switzerland time) so there was no way I was going to wander around that late by myself. So I read a little and went back to bed. I got quite a lot of sleep this night!

The next day (Sunday) I woke up around 6am and decided to take the train into the city of Zurich. The free breakfast was at 7, and I was one of the first people downstairs. Breakfast consisted of cold cuts (they really love cold cuts in Switzerland), orange juice, croissants (I did not almost die this time eating croissants and orange juice like when I was in Sydney but don’t think that wasn’t on my mind!) and coffee. The coffee here was thicker than coffee I am used to, and the milk they provided for it was heated. It was quite good!

After breakfast, I headed out to try to find the train station.


Google Maps Train Station

I am sure I would have gotten extremely lost if it wasn’t for the GPS in my hand. Don’t you love technology? It was about a 10 minute walk to the train station, but I took some pictures of the beautiful buildings along the way so it took me a little longer.

Greifensee 1Greifensee 3

Greifensee 4

Greifensee 2

I made it to the train station (with much love to Google for the help) and I loved the look of it. Greifensee is a little town and it has a little train station to match.

Train Station Greifensee 1

Train Station Greifensee 2

Now came the real challenge. How to get to Zurich? I’ve never really taken a train by myself, so it took me a bit of staring blankly at the map and the ticket thing before I could figure out what to do. There was one guy who spoke English that tried to help me, but the train came before I could finish purchasing my ticket so he ran off shouting “Good luck!” behind him. I was once again on my own.

Greifensee Train MapAfter a few more minutes of pushing buttons, I’m pretty sure I purchased the correct ticket. The next train came and I got on.

It was about a 10 minute train ride to the city center of Zurich, and while I was riding another guy came in speaking German and pointing at something he was carrying. The other people on the train seemed very interested in what he was saying and took something from him while smiling and saying “danke!” When he got to me, he started talking and I shook my head, smiled, and said “I’m sorry I only speak English.” He said in broken English “Oh, sorry, this is for German only!” and moved on. I really wish I knew what he was peddling! Everyone on the train seemed so happy while he was talking to him.

When the train got to Zurich and I exited, the station was COMPLETELY different from the little one in Greifensee that I had just left. It was underground (it reminded me of a NYC subway station) and was within a mall. There were shops and train tracks everywhere, and I couldn’t even figure out how to get out into the city. Was this the city? Was I in the wrong area and went to the underground train station city of Zurich instead of the above ground ACTUAL city of Zurich?

I went to one of the shops to grab a water and asked the woman at the register. Luckily she spoke enough English to tell me that I had to go upstairs until I could go upstairs no more and there I would find the exit to the outside. I thanked her and went on my way.

I admit I was a bit nervous about finding my way home. This train station seemed a lot more complicated, with many, many trains going many, many places. But I figured I would worry about that later.

Before I left the station, I did see this store! Nothing but clocks! Very expensive Swiss clocks.

Swiss Coocoo Clocks

And I made it outside the train station! This is what greeted me outside:

Zurich 1

Zurich 2

Hmmm, there is an interesting looking statue…Demon Dog Statue

Let’s look at it closeup!

Demon Dog Statue Close up

That dog might be a bit too much for that poor kid.

And now, for a quick look back and a picture of the train station before I wander about the city (my version of breadcrumbs)


Train Station Zurich

The next bit of this post will mostly just be pictures. I did a lot of walking, but didn’t really learn much about the buildings so I won’t have a lot to say about them. But I will say that the architecture in Zurich is beautiful!

Zurich 8

There were a lot of alleys within the city.

Zurich 7

Zurich 6

There were also a lot of stairs! My legs are sore today!

Zurich 5

Switzerland does love it’s clocks!

Zurich 4

Zurich Clock 2

Zurich Clock 3

Zurich 3

After walking around for a while, I found the water.

Zurich water 1

Zurich water 2

Hello duckie!

Zurich water 3

Zurich water 4

Europe is full of swans.

Zurich water 5

Zurich water 6

Zurich water 7

Zurich water 8

You can see the mountains in the background. And snow!

Zurich water 9

Zurich water 10

Looks like Switzerland’s rowing team is at it again.

Zurich water 12

Zurich water 13

The boat is  coming in!

Zurich water 14

Zurich water 11

Zurich water 15

And now a few more non-water interesting pictures before I head back to the train station:

Zurich 10

The flags!Zurich 12

I’m not exactly sure what the bird did to deserve getting smacked, but if he’s anything like Nimbin, it was probably bad.

Zurich 11

Ummm… no you may not.

Zurich 14

This lion head looks incredibly grumpy. The same looking lion was everywhere in Zurich. Is the grumpy lion their mascot?

Zurich 13

I finally was ready to go back to the train station and try to find my way back to my hotel. I had been walking around the city of Zurich for hours. I had no idea where I was! Luckily I had my trusty Google Maps to find the way.

Actually, finding the train station was the easy part. The hard part was finding the right train to take. None of the trains said the city I wanted to go to, but they listed all the cities leading up to it and the one after it, so I was going to take the chance that I’d be on the right one. While I was waiting, I remembered that Google Maps ALSO has public transportation directions. Could it be this easy? I opened it up, and sure enough, it told me the train I was supposed to take, and it was the one I had assumed. Thanks again, Google!

After another 10 minute train ride (they never even came to check my tickets either way so I don’t know if Switzerland is on the honor system or if it is just random checks?) I found my way back to Greifensee. Before I went back to the hotel, I took a walk to where I would need to go to my office tomorrow, to make sure I’d be able to find it no problem. It seemed easy enough! Only 10 minutes from the hotel!

I went back to the hotel and realized that I have been so busy sight seeing, I never had the chance to eat yet! I went to my room and freshened up and came back downstairs to see how good the hotel’s restaurant was.

When I walked into the restaurant, people just looked at me. I said “umm… can I eat?” The woman smiled and said “Of course! Sit!”

I was given a menu that I could not understand one bit of. I did understand the beer section, but the food was a bit more difficult. Luckily, Google was my rescuer once again. Google Translate, take me away!

I ended up with a nice meal of breaded chicken, veggies, and fries. The chicken had a very interesting taste, it was somewhere between chicken and sausage.

Swiss Chicken Dinner

And now, my post is done! This took me hours! But for you guys, it’s worth it.

I’ll leave you now with a picture of the stairs leading up to my room. There are so many curved stairways in Switzerland.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Hotel Stairs


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