A bit about the websites:

Haikugeek – www.haikugeek.com

Haikugeek was created in a rainy couple of months when I was determined to teach myself to use DreamWeaver. I have always loved haiku poetry, so I thought it would be the perfect subject for my “practice” website. My favorite part about this project was emailing companies to ask them to send me a haiku – I managed to develop a talent for picking companies who I thought would bother responding to me. For the most part, only the smaller companies were willing to humor me. A few of them did surprise me though!

In creating Haikugeek, I even went as far as to create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and a Pinterest account just for the site! I still occasionally post on each of them, and get new followers every few weeks which reminds me to post something new.

Lisa Marie’s Art From My Heart

My sister asked me to create a website dedicated to promoting her art that she could easily manage and add new images and content. She provided me with all the images and content, and I created this site. I was more than happy to do it as it gave me a chance of playing around with features on WordPress that were unnecessary with my Karenesque.com site. Learning is fun!

Ashamed Spider

This one is a work in progress. Keep checking back! And while you wait, check out this sample addition lesson I created to learn the Articulate Storyline software. It’s fun!