My Stories

In this section you will find a delightful and entertaining collection of some of my short stories. Most of these stories were written while I was still in a creative writing class in college. You may notice the “dark” theme in some of them. I was really into Chuck Palahniuk during this time, and I was trying to emulate him. I also enjoyed the fact that these stories were always so unexpected coming from me. I was the first person to read a story out loud in my class, and I noticed that after I read that story, everyone in the class started writing in darker themes. My professor told us that he had never had one class write so many depressing stories before. I like to think that my writing influenced the direction of the entire class.

During my time in Australia I was more into Bill Bryson as an author (if you have not read any of his work I recommend you stop what you are doing and remedy this issue)  and I think it does show in some of my Australia blog posts.

I am currently in the middle of writing another short story now, so it will posted on my site soon. I’ll leave you guessing as to what kind of writing style it will have.

Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

  1. The First Thing That Tried to Kill Me In Australia
  2. A Music Story
  3. Teacher Teacher