Storm’s a Comin’….

We had a ominous looking thunderstorm approaching while I was relaxing at home, so Nimbin (my cockatiel) and I went outside to my screened-in porch to watch it roll in.  Pardon the lines in the clouds – that’s my screen.


Here is Nimbin sitting on his vacation home on the porch:

While I was watching the storm, I began noticing that far off in the distance, some of the lower clouds were turning red.

I was trying to figure out why this would be. Was there a fire? Was it the sun? Was it just pink clouds from a far off sunset? The rhyme “red in the morning, sailors take warning.  Red at night, sailors delight!” ran through my head.  But that just didn’t make sense in this case.  It was late afternoon, and if I was a sailor I definitely wouldn’t be delighting in this. Then something else began to take shape:


It isn’t very easy to see in the pictures, but it was a rainbow! Somehow, as the storm was rolling in, a rainbow made a feeble attempt to show it’s face. It was pretty neat to see lightning strikes and a rainbow so close together in the same sky. I wish my camera was sophisticated enough to get the lightning in the picture too.

The storm didn’t end up amounting to much more than loud thunderbolts and frequent lightning, but it was certainly spectacular to watch!