Today I want to rave a little about the marvelous smoothies I have been making lately.  Every morning during the last two weeks I have gone to work with a homemade smoothie rather than a coffee or tea. I did find out soon enough that I should probably find a way to get some caffeine later in the day, or I would be in headache hell for the next few weeks. I never realized exactly how addicted to caffeine I really was… and how painful it could be when you don’t get it.
Back to my smoothies.  I had decided to start making smoothies in the mornings after I came to the conclusion that I was not getting enough fruits and vegetables in my diet.  I had suffered through two terrible colds in the past three months, and as far as I could recall, I rarely got more than one cold a year living in NJ.  This was unacceptable!  I had to find a way to get more healthy foods in my diet.  Hence, the smoothie!

Now you may be wondering how much difference one little smoothie a day could make. Well let me just tell you that this is no ordinary smoothie.  Sure, I put ordinary smoothie things like bananas and strawberries and yogurt into it – but I also put fresh baby spinach, carrots, and oatmeal right in the blender with the other ingredients.  And it tastes…  pretty much like strawberry, banana, and yogurt. Surprisingly, you can’t taste the spinach, carrot or oatmeal at all. The smoothie is tinted an interesting shade of green from the spinach, but that is the only real clue that it isn’t an ordinary smoothie.  And this amazing smoothie keeps me full and satisfied for most of the day. I will still break for lunch and eat something small, but I no longer feel like I must eat something that second or I would die from hunger. Before the smoothie I used to feel like I was starving every day at around 11, and then again at around 3.  Not anymore! I think when I am talking about my life before the smoothie, I should shorten “before the smoothie” to just BS… but believe me, this story ain’t no BS!

Not only does this delectable smoothie keep me full, it also gives me so much energy. In the past two weeks I can’t remember the last time I had that 2 o’clock slump when all you want to do is sleeeeeeeep.

Now this is to all of you reading this. Go out and try one!  Give it a week. I think it took a couple of days before I really noticed the extra energy I had. And try it with Greek yogurt. It’s more expensive, but oh, so worth it.

I swear, I am not in the banana or strawberry or Greek yogurt business. I just really, really love this smoothie.