My Poor Car

I’ve had my wonderful, beautiful new car for about a year now, and for that year I’ve had no bumps, scratches, dents, or chips in the paint. Yesterday all of that changed. My poor car was attacked by a snappy looking red Camaro convertible. Here’s the damage:

It happened at a light right down the road from my apartment complex. The guy in the Camaro was trying to squeeze by me on the left to get into the turn lane. Apparently he misjudged the room he had!

Sigh.  I was really concerned for a while that I would have to go through my insurance company, pay a 500 dollar deductible, and possibly have my insurance payments raise. Thankfully, I misunderstood what the “no fault” part of Florida’s insurance meant. This guys insurance (I found out later that the guy who hit me is a doctor, so I don’t feel bad if his insurance has to go up) is paying for everything. Even my rental car. And I didn’t have to call my insurance at all on this.

It was definitely an annoying inconvenience for me, but at least I won’t be losing any money. Maybe I will even gain money if the rental car has better gas mileage than my car does!  Silver linings, right?