When no one is asking me to write, I have oh so very much to say. But when I am expected to write (in this case, I expect myself to write in my blog) I can never think of a topic to write about. What’s up with that? Maybe my problem is that my life is too boring. When I was in Australia, I had interesting things happen to me every day, so it was easy to keep up with my blog posts. Now, I work a 9-5 at a doctors office, and yes, sometimes interesting things happen, but because of HIPPA regulations I can not tell you about them.

Maybe I should just start making things up so I can have interesting stories to tell all of the two people who read this, my blog.

Anyway, most of you know that I was affected by Tropical Storm Debby earlier this week. Sunday we had torrential downpours, which caused massive flooding. On Monday I had to bring my car into the shop to get fixed which meant I had to drive roads that I don’t commonly drive through.  On my way to the shop, a few roads were flooded enough to have lane closures but I was able to get past the water by using the median.

I dropped off my car and picked up my rental car quickly and easily, though I can’t say I’m a huge fan of my rental car. It’s tiny and low to the ground, which makes it much harder to get in and out of. But it’s only for a few days, I guess I can live with it.

So, I’m driving the new rental car to the office, again driving a route that I’m not familiar with. I take a side street (as recommended by my GPS) and I notice some flooding blocking an intersection that I needed to cross. I looked down the road and could see some cars past the flooded road, but I couldn’t be sure if they had driven through it. The flooded area wasn’t blocked off at all. Yes, it’s a side road, but it’s a fairly well traveled side road. I figured that if I couldn’t pass it, they would have blocked it off. My decision was made. I was going to go through.

Slowly, slowly, my tiny rental car started it’s journey through the water. The water was higher in the middle than I thought it would be and I was starting to get nervous. The water was moving quickly to the left, and it seemed like my car was struggling to stay in its lane. Was the car drifting to the left along with the flood?  Was there a creek in that direction that my car would soon get sucked into? I pressed down on the gas a bit, I wanted to get out of the water as quickly as possible. My car started making a strange sputtering sound. Shoot, was I even going to make it out of the water? Have I ruined the rental car on my first day?  WAS I GOING TO BE SWEPT OUT INTO THE OCEAN, NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM AGAIN?! Then, it was over.  I was out of the water, no worse for the wear.  I made it, with only minor water damage to the car. But it was worth it. I have the story.