More Volunteering!

I know I said I was going to update on a weekly basis, but so much has happened in the last month or so! First, I went home for Christmas, so I wasn’t really able to post whilst visiting with my wonderful family. NJ tried to keep me there by having a snow storm the day before I was supposed to leave. I was lucky enough to get onto a flight to Tampa after numerous delays, but it was close for a while!

Almost my entire family was sick when I visited them, and just at about at the time where I breathed a sigh of relief for not catching anything, it hit me, and HARD! I was sick for a good two weeks. I still went out for New Years, because how could I let myself miss my first New Years Eve in Florida, where I would be comfortable wearing a dress outside in January? I am pretty sure that is what helped me to remain sick for so long. Then there was about a week of me being too lazy to write in my blog.

But now here I am! Did you miss me?

So, besides being sick, what have I been up to? Last Saturday I had another volunteer opportunity. This one was fantastic. We helped to build “Personal Energy Transportation” devices for those who could not use their legs. I’ve always liked building stuff (just ask me how proud I was when I built my own couch!) so this was the perfect volunteering job for me. As soon as I got home, I signed up for the next two available days for this project.

At first, they had more people than they knew what to do with, so I was one of four girls sent upstairs to sort through old clothes and put them into boxes. We were fast workers and we quickly finished that – then moved to cutting foam for the PET seats. When there was about 45 minutes left, I went down and learned how to put together one of the PETs. I didn’t have as much hands on with the actual building of the PET this time as I would have wanted, but next time I am sure I will have more opportunity.

If you are interested in the charity and the devices themselves, you can check out the link at:

This weekend I am volunteering Saturday and Sunday morning at a couple of other places – the first is an archeological museum, and the second is a history museum. I believe that we’re just expected to do some tending of the grounds, weeding and picking up trash. You know, the fun stuff. This is probably the best time in the season to do things like that, as there aren’t many snakes and bugs and bees outside in the winter.

On Sunday I’m going to be going to the Salvidor Dali museum in St. Petersburg. They just moved to a new building, and had their grand opening on Tuesday. I’m so excited to see it! I never even knew the first one existed, but the new one is supposed to be 20 times better. I don’t think they allow pictures in Museums, otherwise I would certainly share the art with you, but we will see. Maybe they will allow non-flash photography.

And now before I wrap this up, I want to thank my dad for being the first person to actually go along with my fun little calendar joke. Let me explain. When I see a calendar that isn’t mine, I always write “Give Karen money” on a date a few weeks or months into the future. It would always be on another page from the current month, but that is my only criteria. When I was home for Christmas, I wrote “Send Karen money” in January, and what do I see when I get my mail today? A check from my father for $1.00. Hahaha! You people who simply ignore your calendar and do NOT send Karen money could learn a little something from this. You know who you are.