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Break in-between Heading Bush Posts

Hey guys!

I unfortunately won’t have the additional seven Heading Bush (and Alice Springs update) posts until after I arrive at Cairnes. I am leaving tomorrow at 5:35 in the morning so I really need to get to bed. I really hate leaving all this unfinished business, but I just didn’t have time to do everything while I was here! The first few days that I was here I spent with my new friends from Heading Bush so I didn’t have the time then, and then for the last couple of days when all of the Heading Bush people had left except me I was running around in town and socializing with some really cool people I met at my current hostel. The first few days of the desert trip were really busy so it took a while to write them. But don’t worry, after day four or five we did much less on each day so they should go a lot quicker. In a week or so, I should be fully caught up.

But I wanted to let you all know that I am leaving tomorrow and will be at Cairnes in three days. Thanks for your nice comments about the last post, I do take excellent notes! I actually have more in the notes that I didn’t write on my blog because it was just getting way too long. And if I am supposed to email you because you emailed me at one point, I will get to it, I promise! It is ALL about Cairnes!

Dad and Stacy – I have sent three packages home that are addressed to me. Please let me know when they get there, and do NOT open them. They are mostly souvenirs for you guys and you can’t see them until I get back!

Love you all and talk to you soon!


  1. awwww no packages for me? *pout*
    Have fun in Cairnes!
    I think you’re getting too worldly. You’re gonna come home and not want to hang out with me anymore. Even though I bought Sweeney Todd on DVD today!!!

  2. AWWW…no packages for me? And still no postcard?

    That’s okay Cheryl, I’m not too worldly for you…I’ll come and stay with you.

    Looking forward to your next posts, Bear. Love you and miss you!

  3. YAY!! PACKAGES FOR ME!!! Karen, I can not make ANY promises that I will not open the boxes and re-seal them…I mean…what happens in New Jersey, stays in New Jersey…right? (wink wink)
    Anyhow, that would probably be LISA that would do that…not I…I am sure our dear young father will hide them from me anyway.
    Thanks for ruining my fun DAD!

    Can’t wait till you are home!! Only about a month left! And by the time you get back…I will be all grown up and moved out!! (sob)

    BUT…no worries…I still will be at the airport with my sombrero on holding up a sign saying, “Hola Karen! Vamos!”

  4. This is totally amazing Karen, all of your adventures, the people, the places and I love what you learned about coming home, so true about oz. glad that you did not come across deadly creatures in the outback, can wait till what you say about cairns, and the great barrier reef, but you might feel that you are in Asia! I still have not found out what movie you were shown down there in Tassie! I am curious to know.

  5. I RESENT THAT STACY!!!! stacy already TOLD me she was opening them :-p

    inpatiently waiting for day 4……

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