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Under Down Under Tour – Day 5

Now I am up to the fifth and FINAL day of my Under Down Under tour! This will be a much shorter post than the previous ones as we only did a few quick walks. Most of the day was just us on the bus heading back to arrive in Hobart by 5pm.

First, we went through one forest to get a glimpse of Nelson Falls (another waterfall!). It was still freezing cold so we walked pretty quickly. It’s really a shame I didn’t come to Tasmania more prepared for cold weather. I could have stopped to enjoy the rain forest a bit more instead of rushing to warm up.

Again, a very beautiful waterfall. We did a bit more walking through forests and had a drink at ‘the famous’ Franklin River. Why was it famous, you ask? Well, apparently, it was at one time under threat of being dammed and flooded – something that a lot of conservationists were NOT happy about. A group of people joined together and chained themselves to the trees and cemented their feet to the ground to protest this. Eventually, they won and the river was NOT flooded, and those conservationists became known as the Australian Greens Party.

Next, we went on to our last rain forest walk of the trip to see Russell Falls. This particular rain forest seemed to have more old growth trees than the others did. These trees were MUCH bigger. The tree below was cut down but you can see the size of it:

And now for the last picture of the last waterfall of my Tasmanian tour!

Shortly after this picture was taken, we all headed back into the bus for our homeward bound ride.

Day 5 was short, and it now it’s over! After we arrived back in Hobart, we all hugged goodbye and that was it.  It was so sad to say goodbye! I really liked this group of people. But now we were all on to our next adventures to very different places! After being dropped off in Hobart, I gave Karen/Kaz’s friend – who lives in Tasmania – a ring, and I stayed with him and his roommates for the weekend. I’ll talk about what I did there and on the rest of my time in Tasmania in my next post. I have to get ready to catch the bus, and then the boat, and back to Melbourne tonight! I don’t know that I will be posting another blog post for you tomorrow, but just be patient! Bon Voyage!

P.S. – Sorry if the last few posts have seemed rushed. I’m behind on posting and trying hard to catch up!


  1. wow, that first waterfall is just breathtaking!!
    thanks for keeping us updated on everything karen. i look forward to reading your updates everyday!!

  2. Lisa you spend way too much time on the pc. :P

  3. Your posts from Tasmania were great. I’ll be sorry to see them end. I’m looking forward to hearing about your next set of adventures.

  4. I love the first waterfall also.
    That is where I want to live.
    Give Kas a hug for me.

  5. Oops…I mean Kaz!

  6. HERE I AM! Catching up… hmm i should prob read in order of when i missed till now. I’ll start that now. waterfall is so pretty!!!!!!

  7. She is here safe, well nearly! We had a spider episode last night, I will let her tell you the details, 3 girls in the house, one very large spider in the hallway, and we were all freaking! Alissa is totally scared of spiders. Jed to the rescue, proof that men do have purpose!! Hugs back to you ‘P’.

  8. Haha! I was about to say the same thing as Cheryl! Lisa is always right up top! Do you ever WORK?? Sheesh…you and Nicola should NEVER open a business together!

    Oh man, I hate spider incidents! I hope no pictures were taken!!

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